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Tile is a good option for people who live in extreme climates. Their popularity matches the excessive formation of companies that promise excellent installation of all features. The consequence of choosing a substandard firm is an uneven floor that could easily let in dirt and moisture. 

An uneven tile surface will prompt faster removal due to the dangers of inhabited dirt and moisture. You may want to consider studying the factors that result in uneven tile floors to help the contractor deliver a good job. 

Factors that influence an uneven tile surface


Ask the contractor from our tile removal company in Chandler about the condition of the epoxy. The presence of epoxy means that the tile remover did not smooth the surface by removing all bits of the adhesive. 

It is safer for you to hire a firm that understands the importance of a smooth floor surface. Floor Dozers will not burden you with the stress of a bad surface after ridding off the old tiles. 

Initial installation

All edges and joints will be even when the contractor knows how to hinge together the tiles. Uneven placement will eventually lead to immature lipping. Check the web for previous clients who enjoyed the removal services of the right contractor. They will usually have a smooth floor that does not present the challenges of the previous one, or problems that arise from poor installation.

Water damage

Ceramic floors are not vulnerable to water damage. They may, however, have a susceptibility to grout between the joints. Ignoring water damage could lead to a slow shifting of tiles and looseness. Stagnant water will lead to staining and hazardous growth. 

Treating uneven tile placement

The best solution to uneven surfaces is redoing the job. It may seem financially burdensome and time-consuming to restart an installation process. The perk of the option is that you will have an easier time with the following situations:

  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy maintenance
  • Assurance of a cleaner atmosphere free of harmful radicals
  • Minimized possibility of danger from tripping on an exposed tile
  • Increased durability 

How to choose the best flooring after floor removal

Selecting the next floor material is essential in maintaining the excellence of Floor Dozer’s services. Use these tips to find the next best floor.

The room’s purpose and location

A place of regular usage will require hard and yet comfortable flooring. Hardwood may not be convenient due to its susceptibility to pressure. Tiles can withstand plenty of traffic without showing signs of damage.


Consider the weather of the locality before settling on a floor type. Tiles can withstand interchanging cold and hot temperatures without tearing due to constant resizing. Do not use wood outdoors if you do not want to warp the surface due to the increased snow deposit in winter.


Some floor materials collect more dust than others. Carpet is not a good option when you have breathing sensitivities, small children, or pets. Tile and hardwood are, however, less prone to collecting allergens and mites.

Our tile removal company in Chandler is your best bet when picking a partner that will help in the proper installation of the material. Contact us for an inspection of your current floor’s condition.

Tile Removal Company Chandler

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