Steam Condensate Tank

Steam Condensate Tank

Are you tired of spending more and more money on water utility bills? Do you want to avoid steam system accidents and get more efficiency in your property’s steam system?

By installing a condensate system in your property you can get more efficiency in the use of water. With condensate systems you can filter the water expelled from your gray water pipes and purify it with ultraviolet rays. 

Standard System

Wahaso condensate systems are designed for easy installation. Our COND-UV20-250 model comes with a 250-gallon tank, filters, UV, pump and controls all mounted on a single skid, which can fit through a standard door. On the other hand, if you purchase the COND-UV20-500 system, it has a larger 500 gallon tank and can be mounted on a single skid or separated into two skids. For more information on our standard condensate collection systems, download the fact sheets.

With both systems you can reuse the water again and repurpose it for other critical areas of your property. It all depends on your needs. 

Our systems are perfect for commercial centers, food establishments, farms and factories. You can check our models in the following link

Advantages of using our equipment 

It is our core competencies in system design, our experience and our focus solely on the commercial and institutional building market that sets us apart from other suppliers of rainwater or greywater systems. To ensure that we can offer a full-service solution to our customers, we have developed a range of water treatment equipment that provides the most effective way to get the job done. 

All of our equipment is certified by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) so that all those who purchase or obtain our equipment can guarantee LEED certification for their properties. 

Low maintenance

Because our equipment is designed for high performance and accident-free, you won’t have to worry about requesting maintenance month after month. With WAHASO you will be safe and will only require maintenance for control and durability of your equipment’s warranty. 

Avoid accidents

Surely you have heard of condensate equipment that have exploded due to overwork or simply for not being equipment manufactured with high quality standards. By getting a Wahaso branded equipment, you will be free of risk to your property. 

Reducing cost

By reusing water you are not only avoiding pollution, you are also reducing the cost of your water bills. The recycled water can be used for other high water use tasks and you will be saving hundreds of dollars.

Contact Wahaso

The Water Harvesting Solutions (Wahaso) team brings experience, expertise and a passion for water conservation to every customer project. We incorporate a holistic approach to system design and construction, working to integrate multiple renewable water sources along with multiple uses of treated water to maximize overall water savings. 

You can contact us through our phone number 800-580-5350 or review all of our equipment and merchandise in stock through our website and if you are interested in doing a project with us, you can get a free quote through

Steam Condensate Tank