Sewer Repair Ventura

Sewer Repair Ventura

When a failing or a broken pipe issue occurs, it can be a real headache. Our technicians are experienced and are fully trained in the latest sewer line repair methods, materials, and equipment.

 We repair, replace and rehabilitate commercial and sewer lines. Also, we recommend the best sewer line repair technique depending on your budget. 

Our sewer line repair services

Traditional trenching system

The process involves:

  • Digging out the old pipe
  • .
  • Replacing it with new pipes.

The advantage of traditional sewer line repair is that it is easy because it provides easy access for inspecting each sewer line pipe to ensure we do the new installation properly. 

Trenchless sewer repairs

Pipe repair clamps

We recommend this trenchless sewer repair when your sewer line has small cracks and slow leaks. To place a clamp around the leaking area, we dig a small hole to reach the leaking area. Then our technicians will clamp and seal off the crack and refill the hole. 

Repair clamps are beneficial because they are quick and inexpensive. The process saves you valuable resources and causes zero or minimal damage to your yard. 

Pipe bursting

This process uses a bursting head to break apart the old pipe. We dig two holes at the beginning and at the end of the pipe to access the existing sewer line. Then we push a special drill called a bursting head through the old pipe run. The bursting head breaks the old pipe as it moves forward, pushing the fragments away and replaces it with a new pipe. 

Cured-in-place pipe

This is a seamless pipe repair within a pipe system. Our technicians will insert a fiberglass or polyester liner into the damaged pipe to create or reinforce the piping system. We do this from an excavation point or a utility hole. 

Slip lining

In this method, we insert a new pipe into an old pipe either by pushing or pulling. We use different ways of inserting the pipe depending on the length and material of the pipe. 

Directional drilling

This pipe replacement involves digging a new tunnel for sewer pipes a few feet beneath the old pipeline. The technique uses a horizontal drilling machine which first bores into the ground before drilling horizontally for the entire length of the existing pipe. Then we remove the dirt and debris from the tunnel before inserting and connecting the new pipe to the existing pipe network. We can remove the old pipe or leave it as is. 


Before applying a coat, we do high-pressure washing to adequately clean the pipe to remove grease, remove any loose material, and other foreign matters on the maintenance hole walls.

Fold and form pipes

With this method, we fold a new pipe to allow it to go through the old pipe. We use either fusion welding or rolling to fold the pipe. In both techniques, we pull the new pipe through the old pipe like in slip lining. 

We expand the new pipe back to the original shape forming a close fit with the old pipe.

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Sewer Repair Ventura