Plumbing Simi Valley Ca

Plumbing Simi Valley Ca

No one can refute the importance of plumbing in a building, whether residential or commercial. This is because the perfect plumbing installed in a building ensures proper movement of water within the building. You would not withstand excess moisture, which encourages molds to grow in your house caused by a faulty pipe or leakage. Plumbing in Simi Valley, CA, and other places in the world refer to the connection of pipes and fixtures in a building to channel in drinkable water and channel out waterborne wastes.

A top plumber in Simi Valley is upfront about his work and their professional fees, but you may not find honesty in all of them. Some dishonest plumbers operate as scams, extorting money from their clients and wrecking damages to their plumbing system. Unfortunately, they are so good in these shady deals that they make it less noticeable. To protect your finances and plumbing system, here are some common ways professional plumbers often oversell their customers on excessive or unneeded services.


An honest plumber who takes professional plumbing seriously in Simi Valley, California, will not hesitate to show relevant personal details such as his plumbing license number, proof of insurance, and so on. This is to show you their competence and adherence to legal requirements.

It is commonsensical to note that a plumber who does not want to show you their credentials has already towed the path of dishonesty, and it is a red flag. Likewise, when a plumber is reluctant to provide their license number. To curb this scam, you will have to confirm at your state’s Contractors State License Board to ascertain the validity of the plumber’s license.


Any Simi Valley plumber who only wants to receive cash payment without providing an invoice or receipt is already raising a red flag. Although the plumber may end up doing a perfect job, evading taxes or trying to overcharge is a bad habit. It may even be that the plumber is not insured or licensed. This means that if the job goes south, you are not getting any money for damages incurred. Plus, if the plumber asks for a big chunk of up-front deposit, it is more likely to be a scam. You may want to indulge them based on the excuse that they need to procure supplies. But do not.


Plumbing near Simi Valley is indeed complex, and no one expects a plumber to give accurate estimates over the phone before inspection of the job to be done. However, if a plumber provides an accurate estimate over the telephone before inspection in person, it is an avoidable scam. Moreso, verbal estimates after a home inspection do not fly. There has to be a rough written quote, or else you will be overcharged.


An honest emergency plumbing company in Simi Valley, CA, would not condone any one of its plumbing staff issuing fake promises to their clients. Unfortunately, this is not so with other plumbers who fail to deliver perfect plumbing services to their clients. Instead, they either use cheap substitute materials for the plumbing service or stall in completing the service on time. Dubious plumbers do these to give excuses about what is not, in the long run, to either extort money or provide their clients with unnecessary services. 

However, you can avoid falling into any one of these tricks from dishonest plumbing companies when you choose to work with a trustworthy company like Drain Pros. Call us to get a quote any time.

Plumbing Simi Valley Ca