How To Install Misting System

Misting systems are tools like car and house ACs. They are a major way of dropping temperatures in places like patios, decks, and even children's playgrounds to avoid the scorching heat. The misting system installation process can be easy and hitch-free if you follow the outlined steps. 

How to Install Misting Systems


The first measurement you need is the distance between your electric plug and your water. Then you measure what will be your mist line. There are situations that are unique to each person or the different location, and this may require a modification in the measurements. For example, you might need to break the measurement of your mist line into other parts, then add these parts to get the whole measurement for accuracy.

Hanging the Lines

Once every spot has been marked, you'll need to hang the lines according to the measurements you have taken. For this step, it is advised to have broken down the measurements of your mist line to ensure that you have accurately measured points to screw your clamps. 

Pump Installation

When your lines have been well clamped and fitted, the next thing is installing your pumps. For this, you will need a pump that works together with your electrical plug perfectly. In ensuring the increase of your water pressure and the atomizing of your water, the standard a high-pressure pump with at least 1000 psi.

Connection of Water and Electricity

You can make this component connection when your pump is placed beside the source of water and electricity. If you can't make the connection because the pump doesn't reach those sources, then you either need additional plumbing, or you need to move and relocate your pumps. 

Insert Nozzles

These nozzles are placed at varying heights. The insertion of these nozzles can be installed differently according to what best works for you. So, you should experiment with your space and system. 

Pros and Cons of Outdoor Misting Systems

The outdoor misting system is perfect for keeping the temperature down, but it also has its downsides. 



With a misting system helping to cool your environment, you can enjoy your outdoors even in the summer heat.

Low Energy

The misting system uses lesser energies than ACs and other indoor cooking systems, saves your water and electric bills.

Easy Installation

The misting system doesn't have a complicated installation process. Most people use DIY guides and get effective results.



To avoid things like leakages and decreased water pressures, a regular maintenance system is needed for misting systems.


While the misting system costs less than most indoor cooking systems, it's certainly not cheap. The overall costs also depend on additional features and the complex nature of the system.

Solely Outdoors

As good as the outdoor systems are, it cannot be used in the rooms, except you don't mind the wetness.

Our misting systems can be easily installed once you follow the guidelines provided above. Once installed, you are sure to enjoy your summer, even outside on your patio. Call us or shop now at for the best misting systems: 800-504-6478/

How To Install Misting System