ADA bathroom remodeling jefferson wi

ADA bathroom remodeling jefferson wi

If you are looking for an ADA bathroom remodeling in Jefferson, WI, our qualified team from Luedtke Plumbing is ready to help. We will complete your project very fast and in full compliance with specific ADA requirements.

What do ADA bathrooms mean?

An ADA bathroom should comply with the minimum requirements provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act law from 1990. The act offers the guidelines for the design of handicapped accessible restrooms, offices, or retail spaces. As an example, because of the Act, we are removing the interior steps, and we are enlarging the isles.

While designing your home, you may not need to comply with ADA guidelines unless you are planning to prepare it for your senior years. Since ADA refers to interior fixtures like doorknobs or faucets, it may be useful to consider some of these ideas.

ADA guidelines for accessible bathrooms

When doing an ADA bathroom remodeling in Jefferson, WI, and selecting your contractor, you have to make sure that he is qualified to do your project. And by qualified, we mean to say that he is aware of the specific ADA requirements:

  • Grabbing bar – it represents an easy to grab handrail with a smooth surface and fully anchored. It is essential to have no exposed ends and to be with round edges returning to the wall or any other anchoring point.
  • Rotating space – refers to the free space inside the bathroom that should allow a single wheelchair to rotate freely. Sometimes space can be supplemented by the area available under a high fixture.
  • Lavatories – each bathroom should have at least one installed in such a way that will allow easy access while seating on a wheelchair. This means that we have to maintain a minimum distance from the wall, and it must be at a specified height.
  • Toilet access – the free space around the toilet bowl should accommodate a single wheelchair when we are approaching the seat frontal or from the lateral side.
  • Toilet stalls – it is not necessary that all your toilets stalls comply with ADA guidelines. However, the ADA compliant stall should be wide enough to accommodate a single wheelchair and to be fitted with grabbing bars
  • Hand dryers – should be motion activated and should be accessible to a person sitting in a wheelchair, for both right- and left-handed users.
  • Doors – for an ADA compliant door, we must maintain the minimum clearance requirements, and we have to be able to open and close them with minimum effort. Also, we have to fit the door with easy to grab handles.

Do I need an ADA bathroom?

In case your office is below the minimum requirements specified by ADA, you do not need an ADA compliant bathroom. Any other businesses should, however, do an ADA bathroom remodeling in Jefferson, WI, to comply with the guidelines.

At Luedtke Plumbing, we have the know-how and the experience to remodel your bathroom as per ADA requirements. The most important thing for us is to complete your project on time and with no additional costs.

ADA bathroom remodeling jefferson wi

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ADA bathroom remodeling jefferson wi

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